Cement Tile Calculator

To help you estimate your cement tile usage, we've created this handy calculator. Enter your coverage requirement or length and width in feet or meters, and we'll add your selected overage, and multiply by number of pieces per area. Make sure to always include a minimum of 10% more tile than the area to be covered, to account for jobsite breakage, cutting tiles along the edge, etc. BobVila.com recommends 15%, and many of our commercial clients elect for 25%, to prevent delays and costly reorders.

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Step 3: Results

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8" Square Cement Tile (20cm)

2.3 tiles per square foot (25 tiles per square meter).

We have created a list of our common cement tile sizes. Please note that U.S. sizes (such as 8 inch square) are nominal sizes, as the tiles are actually produced to metric specifications. You can also use this tool with other tiles by entering a custom number of tiles per area. If you are unsure of what you need, we recommend contacting a professional designer or contractor to measure and consult on your project. By using this tool you agree that this is a free convenient estimator, and we cannot be held responsible for underorders based on the use of this tool.